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Have you tried everything to get rid of your persistent bad breath to no avail? It may be a sign of the onset of gum disease. Sensitive teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, along with persistent bad breath, are all common symptoms of the condition. Rather than attempt to treat the symptoms with mouthwashes, chewing gum or breath mints, the best thing you can do is visit your LANAP dentist in Plainfield to address the underlying cause. At Plainfield Dental Care, our highly skilled dentists provide careful evaluations for gum disease and are prepared to provide advanced treatment to stop the disease and help restore your oral health. With a longstanding reputation for excellence in the field, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

When it comes to the foremost techniques for treating gum disease, your LANAP dentist in Plainfield offers treatment for all stages of the condition. From scaling and root planing, to laser assisted gum surgery with LANAP, patients benefit from the latest available treatment options. Using a laser to target the bacteria that burrows into the pockets of the gums makes their removal extremely precise and conserves a maximal amount of healthy gum tissue in the process. It’s also a less invasive alternative than other approaches to care that utilize a scalpel, as laser procedures cauterize as incisions are made, thereby reducing bleeding, swelling and associated healing times. If you should require LANAP treatment of gum disease you’ll be in excellent hands at our office.

Committed to the careful, compassionate and effective treatment of her patients, your LANAP dentist in Plainfield has been producing outstanding results for the greater Kendall County area. If you’re exhibiting some of the symptoms of gum disease, get to the root of the problem early on. Call Plainfield Dental Care to schedule your next appointment today.

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